100% mobile
Day & Night Events
Resizable layout


Nov’Island is a brand new innovative concept, created by two passionate, creative and innovative entrepreneurs. The only exclusive party pontoon in Europe based in the beautiful French Riviera.


Nov’Island is an eco friendly, one of a kind pontoon boat. its unique design can cater for any type of event you want to create. Both model and concept are patented. This 300 square metre premier floating pier can cater for up 150 guests.


This pontoon boat produces 100% of its own power, is portable and suitable for both day & night events. Request to book this private platform and host an unforgettable event for your friends, family or clients.

3Crew members
300Squared meters
150People on board


What is the Nov’Island?


Nov’Island is a one of a kind premium private party pontoon platform. If you are looking to host an exclusive luxury private event anywhere along the coast of the French Riviera, look no further than this private portable floating pier. Nov’Island is a premier pontoon boat available to rent for your event.


Nov’Island will float the party you could only have ever dreamed of. Create a unique unforgettable event now on a floating dock and request to book the Nov’Island. Have your own luxury private party island for your friends, family or clients in Nice, Monaco, Cannes or St.Tropez.


The island is adaptable and can facilitate any type of premier pontoon party you desire. More unique and luxurious than any yacht or party boat. This floating pier rental comes with vast amount of possibilities to make your party the talk of the Cote d’Azur.


The development of this premier floating dock is nearly finished and we are currently taking requests for bookings, which is available from summer 2017. Nov’Island boat rental, the eco friendly party pontoon boat will allow you to have the most unforgettable and unique event ever.